8 Tips to Become a Better Runner

1. Plan it out 

What are you wanting to achieve? By answering this question, you can make your running goals happen in no time. People run for various reasons: to get faster, for their health, or even just for a hobby. Recording down your goals and setting milestones can help. 

Keep a journal with your distance and time each run to measure your progress. Also, it helps to draw inspiration from people or stories to remind you of where you want or need to be. 


2. Buy the right gear 

The right gear can mean the difference between a successful run and an early end. By investing in new shoes, pants, etc. you will be more motivated to use them. Therefore, you will be much more likely to stick to your routine and goals mentioned above. 

You do not have to spend a ton on top-of-the-line products, of course, but buying the most reliable products will be the best bang for your buck in the long run. 


3. Energize 

A proper diet and energy supplement are essential to your progress as a runner. Many 4D customers trust the raspberry lemonade to get them energized for their run. With ingredients such as caffeine, maca powder, ginseng, and more to help you gain energy, recover after the run, and prepare you for the day, 4D is the best energy supplement all around. 

Getting the proper amount of sleep can also be essential to your energy levels.  


4. Learn a proper stretching technique

As a runner, you now know that stretching is essential to your goals. Without stretching you can pull muscles and experience muscle fatigue. A short yoga or simple stretching flow can help you gain the natural energy you need to start your run. 


5. Always continue learning 

You can learn a lot from videos on the internet, online runners, or even people in your daily life. Observe their routines and diets and compare. Are they stretching more? Are they eating only certain foods? It could be a small change for you to make to reach your greatest potential. 


6. Remember to rest 

It can be really difficult to stop while you’re ahead but it can be a game changer for your running goals. After your “required” time or distance for the day, at least take a break for the day to allow your muscles to heal and recover. 

It’s also very important to stretch AFTER your run to help your muscles relax and renew. 


7. Change your thought process 

Negative thoughts tend to sneak their way into your mind when you’re working towards a goal. Stop them as quickly as possible. You can stop these by not negatively comparing yourself to others. 

One of the most popular reasons people give up on their goals is because of comparison. When you tend to feel like your progress will never measure up, you will not continue on your path to greatness. 

Find an inspirational podcast or influencer to follow to remind yourself to stick to your goals. 


8. Remember that you are human 

If you feel like you need to take a break, TAKE A BREAK. We tend to get so caught up in our progress and our goals that we do not allow ourselves to breathe and take breaks as needed. You must remember that we are human and humans need breaks. 


Also remember that your progress is not the same as someone else’s. Your body, patterns, goals, and lifestyle is not the same as someone you find online. 

With these tips, you will ascend to the runner you are meant to be in no time. Remember to take it easy and stay inspired and you will do great! 

Good luck!

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