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Ambassador Spotlight: Chris Greer, former D-1 Track and Field Collegiate athlete

Chris is a former D-1 Track and Field Collegiate athlete who specialized in Triple Jump and Long Jump. He studied in the field of Health and Human Performance receiving a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science at Northwestern State University. With a vast training background, Chris loves to work with groups and personal clients […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Mary Lado, Professional Figure Competitor

Mary Elizabeth Lado is a Professional figure competitor and New Orleans native. Lado was raised amid Spanish culture; her mother, Marianela, was born in Cuba and her father, Jose, in Spain. The oldest of three, Mary along with her two brothers, Jose and Carlos were raised to be active, well-mannered individuals, who go after their […]

Sean VanAucker, Founder Team Drop The Hammer

Along with a strict diet along with 4D for over a month, and have seen some amazing results. I started taking 4D during my bulking stage (all- natural), and almost immediately saw a difference not only in my workouts, but also post workout energy levels (much higher than before). I stopped my bulking stage 2 weeks ago […]

Robert Wambua, Elite Marathon Competitor

The 4D Clean Energy has improved my performance so much!

Gene Bischoff, New Orleans LA

Hi my name is Gene Bischoff a member of NOTC, 15 th Street Flyers and the Chalmette Track Clubs. I have been running for over 20 yrs. In recent years I have had two accidents causing me to have two knee surgeries and a foot ailment misdiagnosed by 4 doctors. I am happy to say […]

Neil Buie,
IMFL 2012 Finisher

I am a Tri-Athlete. My body needs the clean, fast acting total performance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that 4D provides. Excellent results and recovery. 4D was part of my supplement routine for my IronMan training and race. Complete awesomeness in a bottle!!

Jennifer Radecker,
Race Director

4D is a great local product that is superior to other national brands. Our New Orleans Track Club runners love it; before, during, and after races. It definitely gives you the boost you need to get through those tough runs.

Danny Bourgeois,
Louisiana Marathon Marketing Director

I have used 4D to kick off my day and jump start training sessions during the long days prior to our events. I’d recommend it to anyone serious about running.”

Jodi Archer,
IMFL 2012 finisher, TnT Alumni & Mentor

4-D was my saving grace during IronMan training. Having one complete supplement to quickly add to a bottle of water that promoted endurance and recovery was Awesome! I start off my training and race days with 4-D and for IronMan Florida! Knowing that it was waiting for me in the transition area made me push […]

Clean Energy Ingredients

What’s in Clean Energy? Is is right for you? See the complete ingredient list here

Angelina Vicknair,
Owner, Anytime Fitness New Orleans

Our members love 4D! Most take it each day, especially if they have a workout. It provides great energy without the crash like other products. We really like that they also get their multi vitamin from it; it simplifies all the supplements you would take in a given day. Some of our members have even […]

Florida Clean Ride Fund Logo

Florida Clean Ride Fund

 4D is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Florida Clean Ride Fund. The Florida Clean Ride Fund is designed to facilitate U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing at Florida road events and ensure fair competition at the local amateur level.

Mary Lambert,
Mission Mentor, Team in Training

“While training for my first full marathon, my running buddy gave me a few samples of 4D to try, and I got hooked! Not only is it a multivitamin, but it has the glucosamine my joints need during those long runs (I used to take both separately). By having one in the morning, I even […]

Jason Navarro & Family

Health and Fitness Magazine:
4D Clean Energy Q&A with Jason Navarro

(Excerpt from the Health & Fitness Magazine interview.) Growing up in North Louisiana, Jason Navarro rarely had a day in his youth when he wasn’t competing in sports. Football, basketball and baseball – Jason excelled at each. In his senior year of high school, Jason was an All-State tight end on West Monroe’s 1st ever state championship team and then accepted a scholarship to Tulane. In his time there, his love for New Orleans grew along with his athletic achievements. He was a letterman his first two seasons with highlights of starting at Alabama in Tuscaloosa and a touchdown reception against LSU in the Dome. After a successful sophomore football season, he got his chance on the baseball mound at Tulane, recording an 11-0 record, earning 2nd Team All-American awards, along with Conference-USA Two Sport Athlete of the Year. Focusing only on baseball his junior year, he recorded a 12-2 record and a first team All-American award. His record of 23-2 is still tops in Tulane baseball history and he was declared Tulane Athlete of the Year in 1997. He was later inducted into Tulane’s Hall of Fame for baseball in 2003. Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, Jason then began a 10 year span of competing professionally. As travel and competition became a way of life, these experiences now bring us to his supplement 4D…

Arjun Atwal,
PGA Tour Professional

The grind of the PGA Tour can be physically and mentally exhausting. One shot can be the difference between winning and losing a tournament. That’s why I take 4D Clean Energy before every round, to ensure I have the energy and focus to perform at my best.

Jason Navarro, formulator of 4D

It started in August of 2009. I was unpacking from another road trip and trying to find a place to put all my supplement bottles. Frustration set in as I realized one of the containers had melted underneath the bus. After letting go of that worry, I got some lunch and headed to the field. That night, I woke up around 4 a.m., and the idea hit me: “Why isn’t there one nutritional product with everything I need as an athlete?” I wanted a user-friendly supplement with a complete energy formula – not what the nutrition stores or manufacturers said I needed – but a formula that would enhance my performance over the course of a season. In addition…

Shane Riedie,
Anaheim Angels Organization

“It’s just flat out awesome! Every serious athlete in america should be drinking this. It’s not only great for energy but recovery also.”

Jake Gautreau,
Tulane baseball Hall of Fame & Current Tulane Coach

With the strenuous day to day grind of being on the baseball field and on the road recruiting all day everyday, I couldn’t find anything to keep me energized and focused….then I turned to 4D. 4D gave me the spark I was looking for and allowed me to concentrate and push through these long days. In […]

Scott Williams,
Athletic Director Brother Martin High School

As a current or former athlete you always look for that edge. 4D Clean Energy provides the edge you are looking for without the “Crash” feeling usually associated with other supplements. If you are looking to keep focused and energized, 4D is the answer.

Marianne Scott,
Vitamin Shoppe Manager, Jupiter FL

As a former figure competitor and 2006 NPC Masters Ms. Florida, I have consumed many energy boosting supplements. I have never felt such an immediate, healthy, energetic feeling as I did with 4D Clean Energy. Without fail, it revs me up for a workout and gets me through the mid-day crash at work. Best of […]

Jared Robinson,
Georgia Public School Administrator

At this phase of my life, I have two small children, an education career-plus I am working on a doctorate. That said, I place a high premium on energy, health and feeling mentally alert. When I first tried 4D  Clean Energy, it gave me a nice boost and helped me through an extensive 25-page research paper in […]

John Coutlangus,
Former MLB Pitcher for Cincinnati Reds

“Since using 4D I have been able to completely cut out coffee and all carbonated energy drinks. 4D has become a healthy alternative I’ve added into my daily routine. I’ve noticed an increased level of energy throughout my day. During my workouts to just having a morning boost, 4D is the answer for me.” ~John Coutlangus, Former MLB pitcher for Cincinnati Reds

I need Energy!

The term energy is used a lot today, yet it’s still hard to state what exactly it is, or that one thing in the diet can create it. I believe it’s hard to emphatically say that one product or ingredient is better than others because we are all built differently and react to substances in different ways. What I intend the user to feel with 4D Clean Energy is a long sustained energy, not too far above the normal baseline, yet noticeable at the least. This will be the most common use for 4D Clean Energy…

Tendon and Ligament Strengthening

Promotes Optimal Tendon Functions and Integrity: One of the most important uses for 4D Clean Energy is an overall betterment for connective tissues. Tendons, ligaments, cartilage and the fluids around these connections are key to any person “feeling good”. Without the proper nourishment for these parts of the body, Life is just tougher. From lessening aches and pains to helping prevent injuries before they happen; these parts of the body can’t be overlooked.

Fat Loss*

If workouts are not possible first thing in the morning; I know because we have two daughters, then a three hour or more window of nothing in the stomach followed with cardio/workout is recommended. Drink 4D Clean Energy 30 minutes prior to workout. The body will use stored carbohydrates first in this manner, yet there will be enough of a release and burn of fat during the sessions.

Can it help an Athlete gain lean mass?*

The reality of needing to be bigger and adding “good weight” as a football player necessitated this and leads to another use and reason for drinking 4D Clean Energy. As an athlete ramps up his daily caloric intake to well above recommended requirements, digestion and stomach issues tend to be a problematic symptom. This was the case not only with myself, but with others I played with as well.

Helps Digestion and Skin Cell Regeneration*

This thought was forefront in my mind when I designed 4D Clean Energy. After going through years of playing Baseball and the travel accompanied by it, I knew these components were a necessity. When your’ options are the vending machine or Domino’s Pizza, the digestive system takes a hit along with the slowing down of the metabolism. For athletes, not getting the proper vegetables/fruits will lead to a lack of performance and, I believe, is usually the cause of most injuries.


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