Can it help an Athlete gain lean mass?*

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*Yes! 4D Clean Energy can be used as a weight gain because of it’s absorption properties.

I competed from a young age all the way through the college level in Football and Baseball and remember the “switching of sports” always being a dramatic eating change. Of course with baseball I wanted a leaner frame, yet playing football as a tight end made it necessary for a 20+ pound difference each six months.

The reality of needing to be bigger and adding “good weight” as a football player necessitated this and leads to another use and reason for drinking 4D Clean Energy. As an athlete ramps up his daily caloric intake to well above recommended requirements, digestion and stomach issues tend to be a problematic symptom. This was the case not only with myself, but with others I played with as well. I used to consume between 7000-8500 calories a day during my high school and collegiate years during football season. Keep in mind that interior linemen (offense or defense) will want more weight and thus more calories per day. Without getting into too much detail, this leads to stomach and digestion issues. Also, being so full all-day, sometimes made it hard to want to face the next meal.

In this respect, the benefits for an athlete are two-fold. First, the natural enzymes in 4D Clean Energy will help break down protein, a necessity since this daily diet should include large amounts of chicken breast and lean red meat. Second, the absorption ingredients in 4d Clean Energy also will help the body digest the nutrients in these large meals and help move the meal through the stomach faster, thus helping to alleviate the bloated feeling which usually accompanies this type of eating. Staying on this high-calorie/weight gain diet is extremely difficult and aggravating if the system is not moving properly. Plus, since lifting and running are a daily part of an athletes’ routine, feeling sluggish during workouts defeats the purpose of a high calorie diet. Not having a return on this invested program is not smart at all.

Directions: Drink a half-serving 30 minutes after each meal. Because of 4D’s energy benefits, it is not recommended to drink within 5 hours of bedtime. This should still give the athlete 3 or 4 meals a day at half a serving each, starting after breakfast. Also, not consuming more than the recommended 2 servings a day in this respect.

**Drink 4D Clean Energy no sooner than 30 minutes after a meal, yet not waiting longer than an hour should lead to the most benefits. Drinking during, or too soon after, will not give the body its normal time to naturally absorb the first amount of nutrients it should take from each meal. I’m a big believer in this for those on this high calorie diet.

***Each athlete should start with one meal a day and determine what is best for them over the first 7 days. God made us all differently and each trained athlete should listen to his/her body in this regard.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Samples of 4d were sent to an Overseas Independent Lab to test for banned substances. Certificate below.

Certificate of Analysis


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