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A: We have found the most preferred taste profile is added to 24oz water. It does give you the option to add as little or as much as you(consumer) prefer. 16-32oz possible.

A: There are no calories and we are also Diabetic friendly.

A: We use Stevia and Splenda for Our Tropical Fusion flavor. Our DreamSicle flavor has only Stevia as the sweetener.

A: 150 mgs per pack, equivalent to a 10oz diner cup of coffee.

A: Yes, and liquid forms are proven to be more absorbable than pill form.

A: Yes, and because ours is vegan, it is more absorbable and also Shellfish free.

A: There are no artificial colors or preservatives in our product.

A: While there are other Health and energy products on the market, none contain a full spectrum of health benefits like ours. We are also easily portable compared to the traditional bucket.

A: No, we do not put ourselves in the EXTREME pre-workout category. 4D Clean Energy is safe to use continually (No need to cycle on and off).

A: The product is for ages 14 and up. Pregnant women and those on Prescription Medications should consult their doctor first.

A: Yes, we are third party tested and free of any banned substances. We have athletes from all sports using our product.

A: We are completely Made in the USA and manufactured in a GMP and NSF certified facility.

A: 4D is Shellfish, Gluten, Lactose, Dairy, Soy, Fat, Carb and Calorie free.