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*Directions:  For best use as a fat loss, 4D Clean Energy should be consumed first thing in the morning followed with a minimum of 30 minutes cardio. Breakfast should be small if anything. I recommend a 3 egg breakfast, one whole and two egg whites. This gives the stomach something to work with yet not providing carbohydrates, which are used initially during workout routines. It also helps to ensure the body doesn’t use existing muscle fibers for fuel also. I know this goes against conventional thinking of having food pre-workout, but the ingredients in 4D Clean Energy help the body release stored fat and burn it as fuel. If there are no other calories in the system to burn, the body must rely on this stored fat as fuel. The body will keep burning fat post workout as well. How soon you eat after depends on how much post-workout fat is used also. I’ve found this duration is between another 30-45 minutes. A good stretch and shower post workout will usually eat up that time without much effort. Do not prolong this period much more than that, as the body will start using muscle fiber as fuel.

If workouts are not possible first thing in the morning; I know because we have two daughters, then a three hour or more window of nothing in the stomach followed with cardio/workout is recommended. Drink 4D Clean Energy 30 minutes prior to workout. The body will use stored carbohydrates first in this manner, yet there will be enough of a release and burn of fat during the sessions. You will probably notice a hunger in the stomach before or as the workout is started, due to the lack of food and digestive properties in 4D Clean Energy. For fat loss you MUST push through this hunger. I notice after 10-15 minutes into the session, hunger subsides and the energy from 4D Clean Energy and the stored fat kicks in. At this point, personally, I have completed grueling sessions lasting over an hour and a half without any other thought of food and plenty of energy to maintain intensity. Stored fat goes a long way. Push through what your mind; and what other people have told you, and find out for yourself how long you can go without the recommended snack bar/protein shake. It’s not that I’m against bars and shakes but for straight fat-loss they are not necessary.

For those who are used to having longer days, 4D Clean Energy in the morning and one in the afternoon will amplify fat loss and keep you focused all day long.

Remember, this is for fat loss for the everyday person/athlete. Understand, that with most of our sedentary lives, there will be ample recovery time throughout the day. You’ll soon find that the body can be trained to do what YOU want it to do!!

Note: A strict fat loss diet will be outlined further in the Nutrition page. If you cannot, or will not follow such a routine, I have one basic Philosophy of nutrition. “Keep things moving”. This basically means to consume fiber at each meal, especially when eating high calorie foods. I have experienced that the body won’t consume as many calories from less nutritious foods,( ie pizza, hamburgers, pastries) when it’s accompanied by fiber(ie. Spinach salad, apple, oatmeal). This tenet comes from the reasoning that the longer a food stays in the body, the more calories the body takes from that food. The body is smart, People! It will absorb the most beneficial nutrient from food first. Then, if that food stays longer(hint, no fiber to move it), it will take what’s left slowly. This is why fast food is a “slow death”. It will stay in you for 24 hours or longer if allowed. Therefore the body will take every last calorie of that double cheeseburger and fries before leaving you. Not good for your health or your love handles!!

Consequently this method assures you’re getting enough vegetables/fruit in your diet while not feeling like your losing out on life. Of course more fat loss will occur from a strict diet but also understanding it’s not always that simple to stay on track.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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