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4D Clean Energy Q&A with Jason Navarro

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Jason Navarro & FamilyRecently, Health & Fitness Magazine had a chance to sit down with 4D Supplements founder, Jason Navarro. Below is the published interview.

Growing up in North Louisiana, Jason Navarro rarely had a day in his youth when he wasn’t competing in sports. Football, basketball and baseball – Jason excelled at each. In his senior year of high school, Jason was an All-State tight end on West Monroe’s 1st ever state championship team and then accepted a scholarship to Tulane. In his time there, his love for New Orleans grew along with his athletic achievements. He was a letterman his first two seasons with highlights of starting at Alabama in Tuscaloosa and a touchdown reception against LSU in the Dome. After a successful sophomore football season, he got his chance on the baseball mound at Tulane, recording an 11-0 record, earning 2nd Team All-American awards, along with Conference-USA Two Sport Athlete of the Year. Focusing only on baseball his junior year, he recorded a 12-2 record and a first team All-American award. His record of 23-2 is still tops in Tulane baseball history and he was declared Tulane Athlete of the Year in 1997. He was later inducted into Tulane’s Hall of Fame for baseball in 2003. Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, Jason then began a 10 year span of competing professionally. As travel and competition became a way of life, these experiences now bring us to his supplement 4D.

Q: Jason, as Founder and CEO of 4D, tell us about the beginnings of this company focused on health and well-being….

A: I started using supplements for athletic achievement in high school and through college, but the real beginning of 4D was during the years of traveling for baseball. I was always packing numerous jugs of supplements, each offering its own separate benefit. They were so cumbersome and would burst or even melt in my luggage. The idea struck me near the end of my 10th season, and I started wondering, “Could I make the perfect supplement for myself?” If so, “What would it contain and how would it be packaged for transport?” I was always on a budget and making it affordable was a key concern as well.

Q: What exactly is 4D Clean Energy?

A: 4D Clean Energy represents the first total supplement formula for active individuals. It is what could be called “an entire supplement line” rolled into one. The ingredients are intended to help strengthen tendons and ligaments, relieve aches and pains, aid in digestion, help skin cells regenerate faster, give the user a prolonged jitter-free focus, help the large skeletal muscles in endurance and also be a multi-vitamin. Ironically, when I initially sent the finished formula to our manufacturer in New York, he said that he’d never seen this many ingredients in one proprietary formula! He literally asked me, “Why are you putting this all together in one supplement? Everybody else would make 4-5 products out of this.” Frankly, I told him, “That was the reason I started this project in the first place!”

Q: Why did you create 4D Clean Energy?

A: To help solve one of the biggest problems I had always found in the supplement industry. Do they really expect me to take 5 different supplements 2 or 3 times daily? Even if I could, how am I supposed to afford it on a long term basis? No disrespect towards our competitors, I just believed there was a better way for the consumer to get what their body needs without being such a hassle, or so expensive.

Q: Who would you say can benefit the most from this new product?

A: Initially, I believed it would be specifically designed with athletes in mind. The phrase “Designed by Athletes, Made for Everyone” came about through the 18 month testing phase. From 15 to 72 years of age, the results came back as a demonstrable success. Typically, the younger segment reported more energy and endurance; the older segment reported an overall sense of well-being and significantly less aches and pains throughout the day. The head strength coach for the University of Georgia Athletic Association – Coach Joe Tereshinski – has actually informed us that he no longer takes 10 Advil a day for bodily aches since he began his daily consumption of 4D Clean Energy!

Q: How does the body react to 4D Clean Energy and how is it consumed?

A: You should notice an elevated focus and sense of well-being within 25 minutes, sooner, if consumed first thing in the morning. That’s how my wife drinks it and it has replaced her morning coffee habit. I personally like mine in the afternoon but I think that’s from the years of playing baseball later in the day. It’s easily mixed in a glass or 16-20 oz. bottle of water,and the best part is it tastes great with only 4 calories!

Q: With so many options out there, why should people give your product a chance?

A: Realistically, I would have never started this venture if I didn’t believe we were putting out a product that is of the highest quality and better than the competition. From finding an American GMP certified manufacturer, to having a third party lab test the finished batch for contaminants and validation of the formula’s ingredients, to putting them each in their own single serving pack for transport, every step of the process was designed to create the highest quality product. Most companies don’t go through these processes until after several years on the market. We did this from the onset. Similar to my athletic career, I put everything into this to make it the best. No corners were cut in developing 4D Clean Energy.

Q: Where is the product sold and what are you doing to generate awareness about the product? From my perspective, an individual need only to taste the product and feel its demonstrable results, and they’re hooked. How are you going about getting past awareness to trial stage?

A: The product is sold online through our ecommerce portal at Locally, we have been approved as a Smoothie King vendor and we’re also at Elmwood Fitness Centers and Robert’s Fresh Market. We are also exploring national retail partnerships with Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe and Sports Authority. I’m even conversing with a lieutenant colonel in the Marines for direct sale to the government. The troops stay out in the field for days and 4D as a part of their MRE’s (meals ready to eat) is a future possibility.

Q: So Jason, where do you see yourself and 4D in the future? What are some of your company’s goals?

A: I’ve traveled over most of this country and lived in many different cities. Louisiana and its people and culture are unlike anywhere else that I’ve been. It’s part of what I love about this region. I think our main goal right now is to bring a little more health, happiness and well-being to the area. I love the festivities, and the time people here take for one another. Hopefully, with continued success, we will be able to give something back and help bring a better living standard with it.

Photo By: Jason Navarro & Family

 Health & Fitness Magazine Article (Jan 2012)

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