Helps Digestion and Skin Cell Regeneration*

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*The active ingredients in 4D Clean Energy are designed to help in digestion and help skin cells regenerate faster. The Bromelain and Aloe Vera help absorption of positive nutrients from food and also to break down proteins, which helps the system “Stay Clean”.

This thought was forefront in my mind when I designed 4D Clean Energy. After going through years of playing Baseball and the travel accompanied by it, I knew these components were a necessity. When your’ options are the vending machine or Domino’s Pizza, the digestive system takes a hit along with the slowing down of the metabolism. For athletes, not getting the proper vegetables/fruits will lead to a lack of performance and, I believe, is usually the cause of most injuries. When the muscles lack nutrition they weaken and thus put more strain on the tendons and ligaments. If the system is backed up and an athlete is carrying another 2 or 3 pounds out to the field, positive results tend to lessen for them and injuries increase. I remember playing with many teammates who were continually aching and hurting whose diets were no where close to being sufficient. Sadly enough most never learned and spent most of their time trying to keep up with everyone else. This is usually compounded for the average person on their daily routine, thus leading to many nagging aches and pains over time.

Also, being an athlete usually comes with being banged up and bruised during competition. Aloe vera has been used for centuries to help skin look better and repair quicker. This dates back to ancient Egypt where it was actually used by Royalty to combat the signs of aging. For athletes; cuts, bruises and scars from surgeries are a reality. Lessening these repercussions is usually a worthy desire, especially as we get older. It can also lessen the chance of skin rashes and staph infections because of the faster turnaround of new cells.

For the average person or competitive athlete, looking good in the mirror and feeling good are 2 different things. When the digestion system is running clean, I’ve experienced more energy and overall a much more productive day, regardless of the mirror test. If this is the desire, then use 4D Clean Energy for your Life betterment through digestion and skin cell regeneration.

*Directions: To aid in digestion, there are 2 recommended uses.

  1. First: Drink half a serving with breakfast and another half with lunch.
  2. Second: Drink a full serving 30 minutes after lunch.

**Either of these ways will work equally as well. It is up to you to decide which route you prefer. It can be switched up daily with little or no noticeable differences. The great thing about 4D is that the bromelain and Aloe Vera tend to work at night and you will notice them the next day, not immediately. No worries, this is not a laxative!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Samples of 4D were sent to an independent lab overseas for testing for sport. The results are below.

Certificate of Analysis


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