How to Stick to Your Workout Routine

Do you struggle to keep up with workout routines? You’re not alone! 

Many people bounce between routines to help them find the perfect one and to keep up the challenge. It can be extremely difficult to stay afloat with the latest trends, eating patterns, and workout fads. 

It’s not easy to stick to a routine, but it is possible with these short tips to keep you at your best. 


Time Management

Writing down what you wish to accomplish in a given time period can help you with sticking to a routine. You can find success by documenting how long it takes you to accomplish your tasks for the day as well as the time it takes you to complete your workout. This way, you can schedule your workouts around your daily activities. 


Think positively 

Many people tend to think of working out as a chore instead of a way to improve their lives. If you have a positive attitude behind your workout intentions, the process will become much more enjoyable. 

Also, keep in mind that working out is a journey. This means that you must remind yourself to take it slow. No one has ever lost 100 pounds or gained a six pack in one week. 


Get inspired

What made you want to start the routine in the first place? This can be a key ingredient to keeping your workout routine. Keep in touch with your inspiration and revert back to that when you’re feeling too tired or uninspired. Your inspiration can be anything from your health risks to a model/actor you idolize. Anything works as long as you are motivated! 


Stay away from trends

Trends can often have us on a topsy-turvy path to nowhere. Remember when everyone was drinking apple cider vinegar daily and the entire internet was raving about it?  That trend has now died down so much it’s practically unheard of. 

The problem with trends is that we tend to change our entire lives to revolve around them. We change our workout patterns, eating habits, and even sleeping routines, which only leave us disoriented and unhappy when success is not apparent. 


Don’t go all out 

Do not spend hundreds of dollars on the newest equipment or food to keep up. Most people see a new routine as a way to “stress shop,” meaning that they will spend tons of money on food and gadgets to help them achieve their goals. 

Where buying healthy food and nice equipment is good, it can be detrimental to your routine. Buying these things only distract you rather than help you from reaching your goals.


Set achievable goals

Setting achievable goals can be the major difference between reaching your goal and completely giving up. If you compare yourself or your routine to someone else’s, you will most likely fail. The same goes to say with comparing your progress to that of someone else. 

Our bodies are all made differently and people will change at different rates.  If you expect your workout routine to work the exact same way, you will quickly become discouraged and be tempted to give up.


Keeping these things in mind can help you look at your goals more realistically and help you feel better about your routine in the long run. 

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