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The term energy is used a lot today, yet it’s still hard to state what exactly it is, or that one thing in the diet can create it. I believe it’s hard to emphatically say that one product or ingredient is better than others because we are all built differently and react to substances in different ways. What I intend the user to feel with 4D Clean Energy is a long sustained energy, not too far above the normal baseline, yet noticeable at the least. This will be the most common use for 4D Clean Energy, at least initially, for most consumers. The natural push from the energy blend should be felt initially within 15 minutes after drinking and even sooner if on an empty stomach. The mental and cardiovascular systems will feel awakened and the staying power should be from four to six hours long. And, as a sugar-free, 5 calorie per serving, taste superior beverage, 4D Clean Energy delivers what your body needs…quickly and efficiently.

While many use the term energy as something simple, as far as the body goes, it is a very elaborate process. Energy can come from a few different places that are noticeable. A slightly elevated heart rate, mental focus which comes from amino acids and elevated endorphins, muscles producing more output from receiving the amino acids and hydration they need, glucose and fat calories being broken down to provide calories for the large skeletal muscles. These four were what I had in mind and what I believe are covered with the 4D formula.

Since all four together is the desired outcome, leaving something out does not complete the energy cycle and would therefore not be sufficient for long term use. Hence the reason for people to need more of the basic energy drinks as time goes by to re-create the initial effects.

There is not a crash associated with 4D Clean Energy that would come from a sugar high or a high dose of caffeine. Remember, a crash happens when something takes you too high as far as stimulants go. Going way above a baseline normal feel will always lead to a crash, regardless of sugar or anything else in the product. The thought for 4D Clean Energy was to be used as a pre-game drink for baseball, football players and golfers’, who have to have focus, yet don’t want the jitters. Thus needing a 4-6 hour window of focus is necessary. The positive and initially unintentional results are that this is something everyone can use in their daily routines.

I’m not going to go through each ingredient because I feel that all parts of 4D Clean Energy contribute to the “energy” effect and would be lacking without any of them. From the multi-vitamin blend, the cardiovascular elevation, the skeletal muscles efficiently receiving calories to burn and the transport of energy providing nutrients at the cellular level. All are factors and with the 4D Clean Energy blend, all are covered.

Directions: Mix 4D Clean Energy into 20 ounces of water (shake well) 15-30 minutes before a Game, Exercise or any time you need a push through your day. Drinking on an empty stomach will shorten the time for results to be felt.


Testing results from an independent European Lab for contaminants is below.

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