30 Unit 4D Autoship (TROPICAL FUSION)

$39.95 / month

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Best tasting all-in-one energy, hydration and body recovery from exercise and daily life.

Portable, travel friendly packs you add to water.

Zero sugar, no calories, diabetic friendly.


  • "I love this product and the auto ship is perfect for me because I love finding the best deals and there isn’t a Sam’s anywhere near me! I used to spend close to 100$ per month with multiple vitamins and supplements and now I am paying half that! Great all around product!"

    Johnny I.
  • "Tried this product at a running expo. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks prior to weight training and running (long runs too) and it works great! The ingredients are as clean as you can get and there are no spikes or crashes. It actually makes me feel great all day! Highly recommend giving it a try."

    Maribeth P.
  • "Great Product.. Best on the market, I have been using this product since 2011 and love the product, Excellent for energy and I can not go a day without it. I have since got the whole family living by the product."

    Brent N.
  • "Really like this… mixes easily, taste great, and works! I’ve been using it before my bike intervals and long weekend rides and it seems to keep the energy level up."

    L.T. Cooper
  • "I love this stuff! It’s easy to mix up and it tastes great!"

    Chuck G.
  • "Absolutely love the 4D supplement! It gives great energy without making me feel jittery or having a crash later!!"

    Jamie E.
  • "I am a Tri-Athlete. My body needs the clean, fast acting total performance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that 4D provides. Excellent results and recovery. 4D was part of my supplement routine for my IronMan training and race. Complete awesomeness in a bottle!!"

    Neil B. IMFL 2012 Finisher
  • "Our members love 4D! Most take it each day, especially if they have a workout. It provides great energy without the crash like other products. We really like that they also get their multi vitamin from it; it simplifies all the supplements you would take in a given day. Some of our members have even noticed an improvement in their joints from the glucosamine. I love that I can provide a quality supplement that also supports our bottom line. It’s the one retail product we consistently sell in the club."

    Angelina V. Owner, Anytime Fitness New Orleans
  • "With the strenuous day to day grind of being on the baseball field and on the road recruiting all day everyday, I couldn’t find anything to keep me energized and focused….then I turned to 4D. 4D gave me the spark I was looking for and allowed me to concentrate and push through these long days. In the weight room it has helped my workouts tremendously and gives me that extra gear I’m looking for when the times get tough."

    Jake G. Tulane Baseball Hall of Fame and Current Coach
  • "I purchased 4D at the Rock n Roll Marathon - New Orleans Exposition. I met Krista there. She informed me and my girlfriend that she's located in San Antonio, which is where we live. After hearing her presentation, we said, "Why not?" Then I purchased two boxes. I didn't immediately start using it. A couple of months after purchasing I started working out with 'Camp Gladiator' (outdoor boot camp). Initially, I was drinking water during workouts. It was okay, but I wasn't drinking as much water as my body needed. Then I started using 4D. I couldn't drink enough of it. I feel it's improved my workouts. I've been using it ever since. I now go through a box every 15 or so days."

    Antwan N.
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