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Promote Optimal Tendon Functions and Integrity: One of the most important uses for 4D Clean Energy is an overall betterment for connective tissues. Tendons, ligaments, cartilage and the fluids around these connections are key to any person “feeling good”. Without the proper nourishment for these parts of the body, Life is just tougher. From lessening aches and pains to helping prevent injuries before they happen; these parts of the body can’t be overlooked.

A large contributing element for this in 4D Clean Energy is Glucosamine. I have used this for years. It promotes optimal tendon and connective tissue function. It is one of the only natural supplements that the Orthopedic Surgeons Association of America says will help strengthen tendons and ligaments.

4D Clean Energy also contains Bromelain. Bromelain is also a natural pain reliever, which couples with Glucosamine to combat inflammation. These two working together is a unique combination to help strengthen and repair connective tissues. The consumer should notice an effect rather quickly, however, it does take between 10 to 14 days before I notice glucosamine in the strengthening part of it’s attributes. Tendons and ligaments repair and strengthen slowly over time, not overnight like muscles. So it takes time for the body to accumulate enough Glucosamine to help strengthen internally. With this slower pace of repair being the case, let me remind you that torn ligaments or tendons take  between 6 months to 24 months after surgery to heal. Therefore, this is a time proven supplement that each athlete/person would be unwise to overlook.*

**I had knee surgery on my patellar tendon at the age of 27. I had always had patellar tendonitis and it eventually got so bad that the middle of the Patellar had torn at the insertion point to my right knee cap. The operating doctor said this was from years of playing football (heavy squats and full speed collisions) and baseball (running miles daily and left to right rotation on that leg). He also told me that I’d never be able to jog on the concrete without it coming back. Proud to say I have been running again for the past 18 months without any debilitating pain!

*Directions: Drink 4D Clean Energy once daily for at least seven consecutive days. While temporary aches and pains can be relieved within 24 hours, consistent use is required to strengthen connective tissues as a whole.

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