4D_Articles__9 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System During Flu Season

9 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System During Flu Season

4D_Articles__9 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System During Flu Season

Article from Ashlyn Edwards | 

We all love this time of year and dread it at the same time. Those beautiful Christmas lights and falling leaves look pretty until you realize it also means cold and flu season has arrived. 

With the recent pandemic added to the annual flu season, we all tend to have the same question: How do I best strengthen my immune system? 


This is a very commonly known tip that we’ve all come to hear this past year. It seems that everywhere we turn there is a sign reminding us to wash our hands and with good reason! But did you know that many people don’t know how to wash their hands correctly? 

To properly wash your hands and clear them of germs, you should wash behind your fingernails, between your fingers, and scrub the back of your hands. Doctors also say you should wash for at least 20 seconds to help ensure germ-fighting action.  


Humidifiers have been all the rage this past year and there are many reasons why they’ve stuck around. One reason is that viruses have a hard time sticking around if there is no moisture in the air. 


Fatigue has a lot of side effects on the body with the major one being a detriment to your immune system. People who struggle with sleep tend to be more prone to illnesses such as the common cold and flu. 


Water helps wash toxins from your body and keeps the respiratory system in top shape. If you have a hard time drinking water, you can always add in a packet of 4D to help you with your water intake!


Eating well has a major impact on your health, which will help you fight the cold and flu season. Whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and nuts can help your body fight off infection and combat seasonal viruses. 


Exercise is good for your immune system as well as your mental health. Studies have shown that exercise improves brain function, enhances mood, and helps bodies stay more active and younger. \


Sunny days are more than just a pretty view! Vitamin D is a main player in the fight against common colds. Many people even take daily vitamins specifically with Vitamin D to help best protect their immune system. However, the best way to ensure your body is getting proper levels of Vitamin D is to step outside and let the sun shine on your skin.  


Stress, much like fatigue, has a major impact on your health and can cause you to become more susceptible to colds. Finding the proper routine that works for you can be key to keeping your health in tip-top shape. Try yoga, reading, or meditation to help manage your stress levels.  


This means that you need to ditch the coffee, smoking, and caffeinated drinks to help your immune system better heal itself. These can suppress the antibodies your body naturally has that help fight viruses. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can also be taxing on the body. 


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