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How to Improve Sleep, Mood, and Mental Health Naturally

How to Improve Sleep, Mood, and Mental Health Naturally

Dietician Lindsay Martin talks about how and why Diet can...
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Beating the Bloat

Beating the Bloat

It's the Holiday season, and with it comes eating "outside"...
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Social Media and Body Image

Social Media and Body Image

Lindsay Martin dives into the pro's and cons that social...
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4D_Articles__Should Athletes Use Creatine-

Should Athletes Use Creatine?

Lindsay Martin takes us through the science of Creatine and...
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4D_Articles__Benefits of an eating Schedule

Benefits of an eating Schedule

By scheduling your meals and snacks, and building a healthy...
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4D_Articles__How to Get Back into Running

How to Get Back into Running

Whether you’re coming back from an injury, or just deciding...
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4D_Articles__Are you addicted to sugar-

Are you addicted to sugar?

While sugar is not inherently bad, and the body needs...
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4D_Articles__Planning Out Healthy Snacks for the Week

Planning Out Healthy Snacks for the Week

With so many snacking options, how can you make "snack...
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4D_Articles__A Runners Guide to Fueling for Races

A Runners Guide to Fueling for Races

While proper nutrition strategies are important throughout training, it’s fueling...
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How do I prepare my 4D Mix Pack drink for optimal results?

For the perfect blend, pour one packet of 4D Mix Pack powder into 32 ounces of cold water, shake well until fully dissolved, and enjoy. This ensures you get the full flavor and benefits designed to power your workouts and day

Can I incorporate 4D Mix Packs into my daily routine?

Absolutely! 4D Mix Packs are formulated to support both your active and rest days. Enjoy our mix packs before workouts for an energy boost, during the day for sustained focus, or post-exercise for efficient recovery.

Are 4D Mix Packs suitable for all dietary preferences?

Yes, our Mix Packs cater to a wide range of dietary needs. They are crafted with vegan-friendly, GMO-free ingredients, making them a perfect fit for anyone seeking a clean, health-conscious energy solution.

How long does it take to feel the effects of a 4D Mix Pack?

Within 15 minutes or less you will feel a difference! The quick-release formula is designed to offer an immediate boost in energy, focus, and endurance.


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