COMBO 5 PACK (4 Flavors)


30 different amino acids and vitamins to help Fuel Your Day. Great tasting, travel-friendly packs you add to water on the go. Zero sugar, no calories, and diabetic friendly. Perfect for an energy boost anytime, anywhere. 4 Flavors are included in this pack (x2 Tropical Punch, x1 Peach Tea, x1 Raspberry Lemonade, x1 Piña Colada).

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Each of the 30 ingredients were purposefully chosen so you feel, think, and look like the winner you are.

Dry Organic Maca Powder Superfood in a Bowl

Maca Powder

-Increase strength
-Boosts energy
-Enhance endurance
Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant for health and beauty, on a black background. Useful herbal medicine for skin care and hair care used as treatment, smoothie. Close up of green leaves.


-Increase cartilage growth
-Decrease joint pain
-Aids weight loss
Spinach in a saucepan. On wooden background


-Fuels immune and intestinal cells
-Supports muscle recovery
-Boosts immune system
Healthy foods containing vitamin D. Top view

Vitamin D

-Strengthens bones, teeth, and muscles
-Regulates immune system
-Reduce inflammation
Fresh ripe oranges with leaves. On black rustic background

Vitamin C

-Boosts immune system
-Improves memory
-Supports collagen production
Whole oats for germination on a stone table horizontal

Vitamin B12

-Boosts energy
-Improves memory
-Elevates mood

Yohimbe Bark Extract

-Promotes vitality
-Increase red blood cell count
-Metabolism boost
Fresh korean ginseng


-Strengthen immune system
-Enhance brain function
-Fight fatigue
Avocado fruit on a black background


-Improves brain function and memory
-Increases alertness and focus
Green tea matcha powder and hot drink in black bowls standing with iron teapot, bamboo traditional tools spoon and whisk in terracotta tray over dark metal background. Top view with space


-Ease stress
-Increases focus
-Strengthens immune system
Raw salmon fish fillet on black background


-Promotes endurance
-Decreases muscle fatigue
nuts in bowl, mix nuts in white bowl


-Amino acid
-Stimulates the release of growth hormones
-Increases blood flow
Whey protein powder, shaker and dumbbells on black


-Increases muscle growth
-Decreases muscle soreness
-Reduces exercise fatigue
Oat flakes in bowl and spikelets. Selective focus

Vitamin B6

-Regulates mood
-Improves brain function
-Aids hemoglobin production
Slices of pineapple in a bowl and whole fresh pineapples on a tray. On black rustic background


-Reduces inflammation
-Aids digestion
-Boosts immunity
Almonds in bowl. On black rustic background.

Vitamin E

-Supports cell regeneration
-Promotes eye health
-Renews skin
Healthy oat bran in canvas bags, vintage wooden background, selective focus

Vitamin B2

-Maintains body’s energy supply
-Supports production of healthy red blood cells
Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant for health and beauty, on a black background. Useful herbal medicine for skin care and hair care used as treatment, smoothie. Close up of green leaves.

Aloe vera

-Aids digestion
-Accelerates healing
-Protects skin
fresh raw carrots on rustic kitchen table, top view

Vitamin A

-Supports eye health
-Promotes cellular growth and reproduction
-Boosts immune system
Fresh broccoli florets on black background, top view

Vitamin K

-Supports strong bones
-Regulates blood pressure
Chia seeds in small glass jar, gray background, selective focus

L-Thiamine (B1)

-Converts carbs into energy
-Supports nervous system
Mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms in basket

Niacin (B5)

-Boosts brain function
-Improves skin
-Aids digestion
Milk in glass jug. In front of wooden background. With copy space


-Bone health
-Regulates muscle contraction
-Supports cardiovascular system
Mockup of red beans in small bowl on dark background.


-Builds and repairs bones and teeth
-Supports nerve function
-Regulates muscle contraction
Red blood cells. Molecules or atom on black background. Abstract structure in science, chemistry, and medical concept, 3d illustration.

Chromium picolinate

-Regulates blood sugar levels
-Improves nutrient metabolism
-Aids weight loss
Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant for health and beauty, on a black background. Useful herbal medicine for skin care and hair care used as treatment, smoothie. Close up of green leaves.


-Essential mineral and electrolyte
-Increases bone mineral density
-Ensures proper function of muscles and nerves
Lentil in bowl on dark background. Mockup. Top View


-Improves sleep quality
Coffee or zero waste concept. Coffee beans in paper cup on dark background.


-IimproveS memory
-Decreases fatigue
-Improves your mental functioning
Raw Osso Buco Meat with seasonings on dark stone background. Top view with copy space.


-Shown to lower blood pressure
-Supports nervous system
-Regulates immune system health
Beef steak. Juicy medium Rib Eye steak slices herbs spices


-Boosts metabolism
-Burns fat
-Prevents muscle fatigue

Long-lasting, jitter-free energy and focus without the crash

A great-tasting way to get your vitamins every day

A hydrated body means a healthier you

Glucosamine is proven to rebuild cartilage for improved mobility

A strong immune system is a stronger you

The boost your muscles need to perform

Replenishing what’s lost so you can keep going

You can’t be an all-in-one without healthy skin














I have taken energy drinks for the last 12 years and they all gave me a crash after a few hours. With 4D that doesn’t happen. It’s a healthy energy drink that works in 10 minutes and after 5 hours or more I feel great without the crash!! EXCELLENT!!!
-Jose D.I love the taste! My energy levels do increase more when I drink 4D. I can feel the energy boost. I keep up with my exercise more and never get the jitters. Definitely recommend!
-Karla A.We love 4D! I have been drinking it for the last 4-5 years now. We used to get it from Sam’s Club, but now we have it on auto-delivery.
-Mike W.I signed up for the sample and got a 5 day supply and that in itself impressed me. I loved my combo pack; the Peach Tea was my favorite. 4D felt great as an afternoon pick me up and allowed me to do an evening run with my dog. I would purchase these again and recommend to my friends and family!
-Traci Y.



We answer some of the commonly asked questions.

How much water do I add?

We have found the most preferred taste profile is added to 24oz water. It does give you the option to add as little or as much as you(consumer) prefer. 16-32oz possible.

How many calories?

There are no calories and we are also Diabetic friendly.

Why is the price what it is?

Our founder, Jason Navarro, was spending roughly $170/month purchasing 5-6 separate products in health stores. We combined those products into one, so now you get all the quality and effectiveness at a 1/3 of the cost.

How much caffeine is in each pack?

150 mgs per pack, equivalent to a 10oz diner cup of coffee.

Will this replace my current multi-vitamin?

Yes, and liquid forms are proven to be more absorbable than pill form.

Will this replace my current Glucosamine product?

Yes, and because ours is vegan, it is more absorbable and also Shellfish free.

Are there any artificial colors/preservatives?

There are no artificial colors or preservatives in our product.

I take another Pre-Workout. What makes 4D different?

While there are other Health and energy products on the market, none contain a full spectrum of health benefits like ours. We are also easily portable compared to the traditional bucket.

Will this make me jittery?

No, we do not put ourselves in the EXTREME pre-workout category. 4D Clean Energy is safe to use continually.(No need to cycle on and off).

Is it safe for kids/pregnant women/those on medications?

The product is for ages 14 and up. Pregnant women and those on Prescription Medications should consult their doctor first.

Is it safe for professional athletes?

Yes, we are third party tested and free of any banned substances. We have athletes from all sports using our product.

Where is it manufactured.

We are completely Made in the USA and manufactured in a GMP and NSF certified facility.

I have allergies?

4D is Shellfish, Gluten, Lactose, Dairy, Soy, Fat, Carb and Calorie free.

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